The Federal-ian Titans

While the story of each Federal-ian counts, the spiritual seeds set by Master Architect, Dr.Walid allows us to shed light on few & the rest of the Federal-ian Team are part of the bounded narrative created by the Federal-ian Titans. All Federal-ian Titans share over 15 years of a collegial bond that boosts a creative spark throughout the entire team & client base.    

Walid Lutfy

Master Architect, Dr. Walid is the Designer behind some great landmarks that easily capture the eyes of any viewer worldwide. In the land of the Pharaohs, Egypt, his designs has entertained wide audience. From the all-impressive chain of 4 Seasons Hotels, including the 4 Seasons Giza, 4 Seasons Garden City to 4 Seasons Sharm El Sheikh and Hilton Taba, Movenpick Taba to the Mubarak Police Academy and the internationally nominated to Aga Khan architectural award, Museum Restaurant Taj Al Sultan in old Cairo all the way to Movenpick Yemen to the master planning of the entire New Cairo and the grand 5.5 million m2 Taba Rivera integrated development where the future of Cairo’s and Egypt’s new capital is heading. Together with Eng. Ali Shaali, Dr. Walid established Federal as a creative, progressive & efficient firm that would serve future developments Dubai can offer to its residents and visitors from all around the world in a sustainable manner. Some of the official recognitions Dr. Walid has includes being International Honorary Member of WHO’s WHO. He has a PhD in Architectural Project Management.


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Ali Shaali

Eng. & Scholar, Ali Shaali combines a set of original talents & skills, between being a fully-fledged Structure Design Civil Engineer & Literature Scholarship. Before joining hands & heart with Dr. Walid in sowing the seeds of Federal in the UAE, Eng. Ali garnered unique experience working in H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid institutions. He is one of the thought leaders and literature producers of enlightened content in the UAE and the region. 

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Diaa Atar

Master Construction Engineer, Diaa Atar is the Construction Supervising Head behind the execution of those projects designed by Dr. Walid. Aside from these landmarks, Eng. Diaa successfully lead the construction team of one of Ethiopia's first developments in the Hospitality industry, Marriot, Addis Ababa as well as Hilton Garden Inn.

Ahmed Moharam

Authority Relations & Technical Director, Eng. Ahmed Moharam, closely nurtured by Dr. Walid is the technical genius in the Federal-ian Club. He also constantly keeps head-to-toes updated information & interchanges with authorities.

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