Above Left: Dr. Walid on a new theme

Down Middle: Mock-up Belgravia 3

Down Right: Palm Island Villa Collection Mock-up

Down Left: TownHouses Concept Design

Federal Design Studio

Federal Design Studio comprises of Specialized Workshops, each of which is mandated and equipped with its own tools & Federal-ian personnel to fulfill its tasks. Each Specialized Workshop collaborates with one another on the respective project to be successfully completed. Depending on the stage at which the Client's project comes into the system (e.g. from the Concept Design or Construction Supervision or 3rd party Structural) that the Workshops handle the project.
The Workshops are:
- Design (Architectural & Interior) 
- Construction
- Structure
These Workshops are coordinated by the Project Management Squad. 
The Design Workshop is the leading Studio horsepower in Federal, led by Master Architect Dr. Walid. 
It is highly creative & stimulative & entertains disruptive ideas influx from all over the place.
In this collage are some of our completed designed projects in Dubai, Tehran & more.

Some old school practices are abundantly precious & rarely appreciated - in Federal they have a place!