As for philosophy, it makes an architect high-minded and not self-assuming, but rather renders him courteous, just, and honest without avariciousness. This is very important, for no work can be rightly done without honesty and incorruptibility. 

Vitruvius  (± 85 – 20 v.Chr.)


With over 30 years of experience in Egypt and the MENA region, Federal founded its new HQ in Dubai in 2007. At Federal Engineering Consultants, we strive to impact people through places. No matter what project we’re designing, constructing or supervising, we always aim to make a difference in the city’s landscape. We envision spaces that will inspire people, help them connect with one another, and enrich their experience. We do this by embracing the natural environment and human behavior in a flow experience. Recognizing that every great design is the result of a combination of ideas, we’re inspired by the global dynamism. The result is our glo-cal buildings that take into consideration global aspirations from a local cultural perspective. You’ll be surprised by what we can do for you. We’d love to work with you on your next project.

On a collective note, Federal has accumulated over 300 years of experience!!! This is thanks to our collective spirit. Each individual Federal-ian has her/his good enumeration of knowledge that streamlines into our Federal basket of expertise. Annually, we add between 30 to 40 years of know-how from the Federal-ian to be.       

Our Development Formula (La-Coupé)

Many that visit our offices and sites are amazed by the mixture of age group across the spectrum. We are driven by ideas-storming and perfect balance of acrobats on a high rise crossing towers much as legendary Petit.

We are driven by our collective spirit that Dr. Walid sewed its seeds at our very early days and has continued since then.

Our Federal Identity

Being a Federal-ian means:

To be an employee is one thing, to be a Federal-ian is another. 


We, Federal-ians are not employees; we are partners & part and parcel in Federal

We, Federal-ians are fighters for our clients

We, Federal-ians are eager for steep as well as exponential growth

We, Federal-ians are one: one team, many squads is our motto

We, Federal-ians care about our wellbeing, happiness & health

We, Federal-ians are specialists in our fields but also cross-disciplinary 

We, Federal-ians do with our hand, calculate with our mind & drive with our spirit

Our Philosophy (Vitruvian ingrained in Positive Psychology)

We, Federal-ians embrace the wise Vitruvian philosophy – that is, any building should be quality building and for it to be quality, it has to exhibit the firmitas, utilitas, venustas. It has to be solid, useful/functional, beautiful. We are about building communities not buildings that do not speak to their users. We apply positive psychology & behavioral science techniques to do. Even our Business Developer is a Behavioral Scientist, dubbed Behavioral Architect himself.

Our Standardized Integrated Management System

Federal has an Integrated Management System that follows simultaneously the rigorous standards set by ISO 9001:2015,

ISO 14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2004 as well guidelines by international institutions such as the CMMA  & PMI.

While along the years we developed our own management & performance system, we uphold recommendations by FIDIC, World Federation of Engineering Organisations & the like and we actively support the United Nations Global Compact in our internal people's management as well externally.


Our Quality slogan:

Quality is not an act, it is a habit ~ Aristotle

                                                                    OUR SERVICES (Multi-Disciplinary)

Interior Design

Feasibility Analysis

Architectural Design

Construction Supervision

MEP Engineering

BIM Modeling

Urban Planning

Project Management

Client Representation

Structural Design

Market Research

Contractor Tendering

Site & Soil Analysis


We are known for our fast authority approval rate
thanks to our good relations, forecast analysis & constant update on the regulations

We achieve maximum efficiency in all our projects 

& numbers attest for us

Our Senior structural team members are certified as unlimited from the Dubai Municipality

We work closely with your marketing team

to ensure aligned vision that leads to best selling for your project & leadership in the market