Master Urban Planning

Federal is providing the best master planning by making the connection between buildings, social settings, and their surrounding environments.

Federal is primarily doing the systematic Master planning by providing a proper documentation and spatial layout which is used to arrange the structure land use and development. ‘Master plan’ means all-inclusive term. It is an opportunity that takes place the Variety from execution at the Project details and results to be a Descriptive Master plan of every scale groups of the structure.

Master Urban Planning

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work process

I. step

We start with findings, analysis, and conclusions from the visioning and scoping exercises for a given site or inner-city area.

II. step

Our team set the scene in establishing baseline information related to the physical, social, and economic context of the site and surroundings.

III. step

Furthermore, we will develop the master plan; urban design and planning, landscape design, transportation planning, economic development, cost planning/surveying, cultural heritage, specific industry sector analysis, and urban sociology and crime statistics

IV. step

Based on the first two phases, master plans establish and develop options for land use, which will later be translated into three-dimensional models to identify the resulting development needs, as well as costs and values.

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