Engineering Consultants are now Hoteliers with Stars!

Congratulations Federalians

In an effort from Dubai Municipality to drive the engineering and architecture market towards quality rather than quantity, an actual-data-driven rating system has been announced late 2017 to be established whereby engineering consultants are to be rigorously evaluated against certain criteria, including design, planning, construction supervision, government communication, client satisfaction, environmental sustainability amongst others.

Big congratulations to Federal and Federalians on-board for making it up there into the constellation of the few others. We can only promise to maintain our quality and thrive for betterment through constant development!

Below is the collage of the recognition awarded certificates from the Government of Dubai! We share this moment of happiness with our clients, friends and those who are quality-enthusiasts everywhere!

We would like to thank the Government of Dubai and the leaders of the UAE for their exceptional vision of healthy growth and we vow to continue supporting the leadership in this quest.

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