Congratulations to our Federalian Family: A Marriage Here, A Baby There!

Read Me! :)

We have been silent on social media for sometime but we are back with awesome news!

As a Federalian tradition, a Federalian's individual happiness is collectively celebrated. On that note, we would like to congratulate the following Federalian Stars:

Nikita D'Souza, Senior Architect (professionally) & Dancer (habitually), who just got married! Congrats Nikita :)

Ahmed Khaled Elsayed Tantawy, Architect (professionally) & Martial Artist (habitually), who also just got married! Congrats Ahmed :)

Mahmoud Essam El Maradny, Architect (professionally) & Donald Duck in another life, who just got a gorgeous twins! Many congrats Mahmoud :)

Coming out of Brazilian's lively favela's, Mostafa Bakry, Resident Engineer (professionally), who just got a beautiful child! Congrats Mostafa

Ahmed Abasy, Site Engineer (professionally) & Cat Lover (permanently), who just got a beautiful baby! Congrats Ahmed :)

On a more professional front, many congrats to:

Mohamed Mostafa Sanad, Architect (professionally) & Artist (habitually), who just obtained his master degree! PhD next round Sanad :)

Ahmed Moharem Tawfik, Authority Liaison & Technical Director (professionally) & Basketball player (habitually), who got his Dubai Universal Design Code. Congrats Moharem :)

Mohamed Salem Salama Motlak, Mechanical Engineer (professionally) & Swimmer (habitually), who just got a wholesale-like of certificates (-NFPA-101: Life Safety Code.-NFAP-20: Stationary Fire Pump.-NFPA-92: Smoke control system.-ASHRAE Member.-ASHRAE Course: Air system Design). More to come Salem :)

Federal is a family that celebrates each member's success and progression in life, professional and personal together.

Work-Life balance for Federalians is no bare rhetoric. It is a concept en vivant.

On another note we would like to welcome the following Federalians after going through the pulse period to see how much of a Federalian they can be. A lot ahead of you guys to buttress your status as Federalians but surely you have showed commitment and willingness to learn and contribute to Federal and our Clients as a Federalian and not as a employee! Congratulations :)

Mohamed Yasir Hamza Tharamma, Electrical Engineer

Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim Aldosoqy, Mechanical Engineer

Haitham Tolba Mohamed Elsayed, Resident Engineer

Omar Mohamed Zaki Mostafa Sharaf, Site Engineer

Last but not least, a big one goes to one of Federal's very own, Galal (Federalian Senior Architect), who got his blood pressure elevated watching the World Cup 2018 from the heart of Mother Russia! :)

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