Belgravia Heights I

Visible from all angles, Belgravia Heights I, another flagship project Ellington commissioned to Federal to deliver yet another wonderful experience a tower can ever offer.





83.000.000 AED

Construction Cost

276284,10 (Sq.ft)


Project idea

When you pass by Belgravia Heights I, you might as well think you are in an affluent cosmopolitan London borough. The tower boasts high quality interior finishes with multiple amenities that makes it a true experience. The blend of neutral colors and the darker theme adopted in the handrail as well as the building fa├žade makes such contrast amusing to the eyes and relaxing to the soul.

from concept to completion

Federal realizing the competition in the market of high-rise buildings decided to go beyond the normative design with exaggerated touches to a refined contemporary concept that stands tall for its combined elegance and simplicity.


You can view more images of our project in this gallery.









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