Structural Value Engineering

Federal offers industry-leading value engineering services to reduce costs and increase efficiencies for any construction project.

Our team involves collaboration and working with other disciplines. We provide the detailed design of wide variety projects, through our expertise in structural design of complex structures specially for heigh rise building, whether concrete and steel systems. We perform our structural analysis through finite element modelling and create detailed structural that conform to the architectural requirements and client intent as well as integrity and economy of the structure.

Structural Value Engineering

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I. step

Our value engineering team analyzes a project’s design, and provides ideas to save money in areas such as systems, materials and long-term maintenance costs.

II. step

Drawing on our extensive experience, we are able to determine cost-saving methods that are highly specific to each project, including simplifying the construction process and using alternative materials and equipment.

III. step

We’re covering all components of the design and consequently improving the design efficiency without affecting the stability or compromising the quality of the job

IV. step

Then improving the constructability aspect of the project for ease of construction and in order to help expedite the progress on site.

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