Orchard Towers

Designing Orchard Towers centred on sustainability, encapsulating the ethos of living harmoniously with nature. Embracing a philosophy of 'Live Wild, Live Long, Live Simple,' Federalian designers embarked on a journey where art and nature converge, laying the groundwork for this project's inception.



G+4P+2Towers(23F & 30F)+R



Construction Cost

712574.66 (SQFT)


Project idea

The project's name, Orchard Towers, embodies the intersection of artistry and the natural world, serving as a testament to the project's core values. It's a space where the principles of sustainability and environmentally conscious design merge seamlessly, fostering a living environment that respects and integrates with the surrounding ecosystem.

from concept to completion

For Federal's designers, Ochard Towers is more than just a project; it's a commitment to creating a space where sustainable living and natural beauty preservation take precedence. Artistry and nature harmonized, inspiring an eco-friendly and simple lifestyle.


You can view more images of our project in this gallery.









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