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Radisson Beach Resort Palm Jumeriah is a 4-star, lifestyle beach resort situated in one of the trendiest beachfront promenades in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah's West Beach, overlooking the sparkling ocean of the Arabian Gulf and the glittering views of Dubai Marina and Ain Dubai.





6.157.000 AED

Construction Cost

20524,73 (Sq.ft)


Project idea

Located in the ultra-luxury area of the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, the hotel that boasts 389 rooms with easy access to the beach is the only 4-stars on the West Beach. That presents an opportunity to its owner to generate immediate cashflow as well as users who would be happy to spare a dime while still associating themselves with the man-made island of Dubai. The challenge however was how to make a design that stands out amid the heightened competition in the area where all big 5-stars hotels are, while maintaining the standards of a 4-stars hotel.

from concept to completion

Further, the relatively compact size of the plot presented another quest to conquer. That influenced the architectural design and more importantly the interior design of the complex. The decision was made to develop a contemporary design for the hotel with chic beach interior.


You can view more images of our project in this gallery.









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