Nov 6, 2022

The Singaporean Experience!

As a Federalian myself, I was invited to Singapore as a Behavioral Architect.


Walking through the streets and alleys of Singapore, it came to me the realization that there is something unique about the city. A true, rather than rhetoric, melting pot Singapore is. From Little India to China Town to the Korean Cluster, Arab Street & the spots of European architecture, all the way back to the flakes of British Victorian and patches of internationalism, going through the city is like slithering smoothly yet intensely into the Singaporean Experience. After wondering back and forth why I feel exceptionally mesmerized by what the city has to offer, it came to me the revelation that there is a secret recipe to the Singaporean Design Experience that I was able to unlock! It is what I call Architecture, Greenery & Art (AGA)

The master architect and leader of Singapore set a clear vision to the city, which real-estate developers closely followed from which a magnificent experience yielded. At the time, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the Singaporean leader, Prime Minister and international figure introduced the concept of Singapore as "Garden City." He emphasized the importance of having a city that simply looks and feels good so that people are attracted to work and live there. In a matter of few years, the city achieved what it sculpted on its walls. Today the city offers a unique architectural experience with developments that lead in the world with unpredicable vertical gardens, distinct interactions of elevations along towers, pathways that merge green playful arenas, differentiated walkways and artistic expressions that make you feel accompanied even when you are lonely.

What we advise our clients and people at large from this experience is that you actually will increase significantly your ROI when your concept goes beyond the unidimensional non-interactive zoned spatial designs that sells a unit like a block with non-beating soul. As a Behavioral Architect, I could testify that Singapore & its developers have been able so far to make all-rounded sensorial experience with cues that speaks to the head, heart & hands of the people. They were able to reach up high while remaining close to the grounds hence creating an authentic experience that people are willing to pay for. One could argue that Singaporean buildings have what is found in many other cities, but what Singapore stands out with is the way its buildings integrate the sum of little details that speaks to happy life experience, something that Dubai and the UAE leadership calls for increasingly.

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